Team Thrive

Support and invest in local businesses and nonprofits.

Identified Challenges

Nonprofit safety net providers are struggling to meet increasing demand in a dynamic and unpredictable environment.

  • Community events paused which were major fundraisers.
  • Challenge of reaching hard-to-reach community members.
  • Changing donor interests and funding.
  • Increased demand; extent of need not fully known.
  • Some nonprofits enjoy greater community support than others.
  • Changing population, lack of connection to place.
  • Capacity issues (staff with right skill sets).

Small businesses are vital to our local economy and have been most adversely impacted by the pandemic.

  • Changing restrictions and regulations.
  • Lack of awareness about investing locally.
  • Lack of planning and preparation.
  • No financial cushion or reserves.
  • Changing consumer needs.
  • Difficulties with government funding.
  • Lack of digital presence.
  • Lack of access to credit.


  • Develop a small business assistance center at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Develop a community lending strategy which includes an assessment of borrower needs, capital gaps and appropriate lending options.
  • Continue to develop a more coordinated and integrated approach among Coastside nonprofits providing safety net services for the most vulnerable individuals and families.
  • Increase and strengthen capacity of Coastside safety net providers to connect vulnerable residents to rental, financial and other public benefits assistance for which they may be eligible.

Research & Implementation

The Coastside Recovery Initiative is actively researching and seeking solutions to implement the recommendations.