Working toward a recovered, equitable, vibrant, and resilient Coastside economy and workforce.

As the Coastside copes with the financial impacts of COVID-19, immediate, targeted relief and long-term economic and social policies will be essential in forging the path forward toward a brighter future. The City of Half Moon Bay, in partnership with the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce and San Mateo County has launched the Coastside Recovery Initiative. This initiative is guided by a diverse, multi-sector Recovery Task Force and has resulted in a set of action-based recommendations that address both immediate recovery and what it will take to create a more equitable, vibrant, and resilient economy over the long-term. The Initiative is actively researching solutions and working on the implementation of the recommendations set forth by the Task Force members.

Recommendations Report

The City of Half Moon Bay together with its partners and task force members are pleased to announce the release of a new report, Building a More Equitable, Vibrant and Resilient Coastside Economy as part of the Coastside Recovery Initiative (CRI). The report outlines 15 strategic recommendations focused on more immediate recovery needs and solutions for a more sustainable and resilient future.

They are intended to serve as a collective blueprint for action with shared responsibility for implementation across City and County government, business, nonprofits and other community partners.

Areas of Focus

Through community meetings, four major focus areas arose as important to the community. Our task force members are working diligently to identify projects and initiatives to bring the Coastside closer to its goals.


Use our environmental assets to strengthen our economy.


Diversify the economy and spark business innovation.


Support and invest in local businesses and nonprofits.


Create vibrant commercial and community spaces.

Key Accomplishments

As the Coastside Recovery Initiative (CRI) moves along, short-term and long-term goals have been established and are beginning to be accomplished!

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Inclusion: Geographic scope, task force membership, most affected groups

Through community and one-on-one meetings, the CRI executive team gathered information and began the process of establishing the CRI mission and most importantly identifying the most affected groups within the Coastside Community.

New perspectives: Open House, task force membership, learning tours

A widely attended open house virtual event helped further bring into focus the CRI areas of focus as well as identifying the Task Force members.

Innovation: Our Voice Pilot and COLU app

Through outside collaborations, the CRI was able to pilot a community app called Our Voice which helped members identify and notate important areas in the community.

With help from San Mateo County and SAMCEDA, the Coastside was chosen as one of (6) pilot areas for a shop local app designed by COLU.

Short-term wins: Funding, Make It Main event, regulatory changes

Through idea-sharing and creating partnerships, the CRI has identified and is making progress on helping create new to the Coastside funding resources for local small businesses.

The CRI has been helping a local group of innovative individuals create and maintain a new downtown event called Make It Main Street where local artisans may showcase their Coastside work.

Utilizing the strong partnerships between the City and the County, regulatory hurdles have been identified and subsequently are making great strides in becoming easier and streamlined.

Process: Working team structure and meaningful engagement

The CRI has been very engaging, productive, and created bonds between a diverse group which is proving to be a strong foundation for a process that is showing promise of producing positive results.

Community: Recommendations focused on local needs and solutions

The CRI Task Force has conducted many meetings of all shapes and sizes to thoughtfully identify community challenges and in turn generate implementable recommendations for a stronger, diverse, and supportive Coastside economy.

Recommendations: Released

The four task force teams generated 15 recommendations that were reported out to the Half Moon Bay City Council on November 16, 2021. The recommendations are now moving into the next phase!