CRI Milestones

January 1, 2022

Research & Implementation

The Coastside Recovery Initiative is actively researching and seeking solutions to implement the recommendations.

January 1, 2022
November 2021

Final Recommendations Released

The 15 final recommendations from the four teams were presented to the Half Moon Bay City Council and other community groups.

November 2021
October 2021

Applied for EDA Funding

The City submitted an application in response to the Economic Development Administration’s Build Back Better Regional Challenge. Two recommendations were well aligned with this funding opportunity and written into the application as component projects.

October 2021
July 2021

Identify Solutions

Develop recommendations based on all of the information gathered and learned.

July 2021
April 2021

Identify Challenges

Collect and review data. Refine understanding of problem(s) and root causes. Identify challenges and unmet needs.

April 2021
April 2021

Working Team Meetings

Define problem(s). What do we know? What is missing?

April 2021
March 2021

Recovery Task Force Kick-Off

Presentation on solidarity economics and identification of 4 focus areas.

March 2021
February 2021

Open House / Initiative Kick-Off

When you think about jobs, workers and the economy what concerns you the most? What are the most important actions we can take to address concerns?

February 2021


The HMB City Council received an update from the Coastside Recovery Initiative including a staff report, 15 recommendations from its working teams, and resource and structural recommendations to advance the work from planning to implementation. Click here for a PDF of the report!

Team Eco

Protect and utilize our environmental assets to strengthen our economy, which includes support for farming and farmers, greening our industries, ecotourism, recreational opportunities and becoming a model for environmental stewardship.

  • Establish a coordinated network of organizations to steward Coastside lands more effectively for economic, environmental, and climate-related benefits.
  • Identify and advocate for changes to laws, policies, and regulations to make farming more economically viable.
  • Establish and strengthen collaboration, training, and support for the farming community (across generations and farming styles).
  • Build on the work of As Fresh as It Gets campaign to promote Coastside farms and farm products.

Team Innovate

Diversify the economy and spark business innovation which includes steps to be taken to attract new types of businesses, support for entrepreneurship and start-ups as well as future job growth and workforce training.

  • Create a business incubator for new start-up and early-stage companies aligned with the Coastside’s unique industries and assets (e.g., ag-tech, marine, aviation and environmental).
  • Increase access to vocational training and higher education opportunities for economically vulnerable residents.

Team Thrive

Support and invest in local businesses and nonprofits, which includes financial support and access to capital, technical assistance, and capacity building as well as campaigns that promote local.

  • Develop a small business assistance center at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Develop a community lending strategy which includes an assessment of borrower needs, capital gaps and appropriate lending options.
  • Continue to develop a more coordinated and integrated approach among Coastside nonprofits providing safety net services for the most vulnerable individuals and families.
  • Increase and strengthen capacity of Coastside safety net providers to connect vulnerable residents to rental, financial and other public benefits assistance for which they may be eligible.

Team Vibrant

Create vibrant commercial and community spaces. This includes use of vacant spaces and new spaces that foster connection and belonging, and new models for reviving downtown areas and business districts.

  • Redesign streetscape on Heritage Main Street in Half Moon Bay to improve mobility, economic activity, and vibrancy.
  • Create a business improvement district or other funding mechanism to support revitalization efforts in the Half Moon Bay Town Center.
  • Incentivize and support local businesses to provide services in recreational and activity hubs (i.e., beach, athletic fields, and neighborhood playgrounds).
  • Create a community plaza in Pescadero which includes space for entertainment, local businesses, and recreation.
  • Support formation of a new, professional staff role or increased capacity to drive economic and community development projects in Pescadero.

Recovery Task Force

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Recovery Task Force. Members represent diverse backgrounds and experiences that will be critical to the success of the Coastside Recovery Initiative. Together, they will develop recommendations to ensure recovery efforts meet the needs of local businesses, are inclusive of residents who have been hardest hit by the pandemic and create the next economy that works for everyone. For a complete list of our task force members, please click here.

Recovery Task Force Meeting – Video Recording

Community Open House

A community open house event was held on February 11, 2021 to commemorate the public launch of the Coastside Recovery Initiative. Over 150 participants attended representing local business (restaurants, hotels, and farms), labor, nonprofits and philanthropy, news and media and the Coastside community at large. For more information, please view the video recording and proceedings from the event.

CRI Open House Graphic