Team Eco

Use our environmental assets to strengthen our economy.

Identified Challenges

The Coastside struggles to effectively manage its environmental assets as a driver for economic growth and as responsible stewards.

  • Multi-agency, uncoordinated governance.
  • Lack of signage between natural areas and commerce.
  • Lack of investment into local economy; funding.
  • Businesses with limited awareness of natural assets.
  • Businesses not fully tapping into tourist market.
  • Commerce restricted in natural areas.
  • Public land management issues.

The future of agricultural operations on the Coastside is in jeopardy.

  • Challenging to do land-based work.
  • Farm labor housing shortages.
  • Climate change.
  • Taxation and zoning.
  • Maintenance challenges.
  • Competition for local farms.
  • Technology and automation natural areas.
  • General lack of support.


  • Establish a coordinated network of organizations to steward Coastside lands more effectively for economic, environmental, and climate-related benefits.
  • Identify and advocate for changes to laws, policies, and regulations to make farming more economically viable.
  • Establish and strengthen collaboration, training, and support for the farming community (across generations and farming styles).
  • Build on the work of As Fresh as It Gets campaign to promote Coastside farms and farm products.

Research & Implementation

The Coastside Recovery Initiative is actively researching and seeking solutions to implement the recommendations.